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When Steny’s opened in 1985, Jerry and his wife, Cheryl, made the decision to serve the Bloody Mary as their signature drink. With both of their previous bartending experience on their side, they came up with a recipe that hasn’t been touched or altered since day one. It has been voted as Best Bloody Mary in Milwaukee for the last 7 years in a row by the Great Lakes Hemophilia Society and also voted the Wisconsin's People Choice Award by The Bloody Mary Festival.

Steny's Bloody Mary

​This signature drink has the right blend of vodka, juice and citrus. Perfect spice mixture thanks to our secret sauce! Rim evenly coated with celery salted. Topped with just a fresh dill pickle spear and olive- nothing too fancy to take attention away from the drink itself. Served the Milwaukee way with a beer chaser of your choice!

Steny's Bloody Mary Growler

​Grab a 64 ounce Growler to-go for $30. Our Growlers last for 3 weeks in a fridge and hold 8 servings of our Bloody Mary- that includes the vodka! They are perfect for family gatherings, weekend brunches, bringing up north or even just to have ready to drink in your fridge. Bring back the empty Steny’s glass growler to get $5 off your next Growler purchase!

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