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chicken wings

hot honey: The Scary Jerry with a halo. House hot sauce that’s sweetened with honey.

Sweet & Spicy Garlic: Our most popular flavor! A not so traditional buffalo sauce that is, well… sweet, spicy and garlicky.

Medium: A buffalo-esque sauce that bakes perfectly into the wing, you won’t need a wet nap!

Carolina Gold: A smoky BBQ dry rub topped with a South Carolina golden, tangy, and vinegary, mustard BBQ sauce.

Butter Garlic Parmesan: Crispy. Buttery. Garlicky. Parmesan-ey. Pretty self explanatory and delicious.

Untitled (5).png

sCARY JERRY: Our hottest wing sauce we got! This is a traditional buffalo sauce that packs some real heat.

cajun: A rural and robust Louisiana favorite. Seasonings in this dry rub include cayenne, oregano, thyme, paprika, and pepper.

Jerk: An aromatic dry rub that packs bold and smoky flavors. Pepper, thyme, nutmeg, salt.

Lucky 13: Our most popular dry rub! A lil sweet, a lil salty, a lil smoky, a lil spicy

HBBQ: A sweet and sticky honey BBQ sauce that has a strong pepper presence

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